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The Refuge NetworkVolunteer Application

A pre-screening volunteer application form for people interested in volunteering to support the work of The Refuge Network.


The Refuge NetworkThe Refuge Network Brochure

The Refuge Network started out of concern expressed by citizens for the need to provide services to victims of domestic violence.  The founding members recognized that family violence, unfortunately, is pervasive throughout our communities and crosses over all social economic and religious backgrounds.


The Refuge NetworkThe Refuge Network Victim Brochure

Since 1976, The Refuge Network's mission has been to help bring an end to domestic violence by providing supportive, non-judgmental services.  And today we continue to hold the belief that no one deserves to be abused.

Abuse is not always physical.  Some people insult, threaten, and even hit people they love.  They don't do it because of stress, anger, drugs, or alcohol.  They do it to control others.